Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work Out Wednesday

Today was a great day. Before becoming pregnant I would walk 2 miles a day. I stopped walking because the weather changed and I started traveling. Well 2 years later I am proud to say that I started back walking. We have a track at work and I finally decided to hit the track. I timed myself and was proud because I did 4 laps in 8 minutes. I decided that I would do 4 more as a cool down. 8 laps in 20 minutes had me feeling great. Then I decided that I needed to investigate and see just how far each lap was...well to my disappointment, each lap was only .10 miles. I didn't even do a mile. I know now that I have to increase my speed to 1 lap a minute to get in 20 laps and back to walking 2 miles.

Well I will keep you updated on my progress.

Do you workout?

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