Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So...I didn't post yesterday because I had a bad migraine, I am still having residual pain today from the medicine :( okay enough with the downer not to the good stuff lol. I have a lot going on (as usual) anyway here are some of the things I'm feeling and working on now. I did some research and found out I have hooded eyes. The great part about finding out is that now I can find (and found) great tutorials on applying eye shadow. Yayyyyy, I'm glad to know that now I have the help I need :) Also, I am loving the look of matte nail polish and some of the new designs. I have a regular purple polish on now but I will be purchasing some matte nail polish in the future.

On the home front, I'm changing a room into a closet and I'm going to share some of my inspirational pics.

Well enjoy the pics and have a wonderful, blessed day.

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