Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank God it's Friday, actually I thank God everyday :) Good morning. I'm excited today is Friday, why you may ask, well today I am going to get a much needed pedicure and manicure (well nails). I will be working on pulling everything together (my outfits, hair, nails and make up) so I can start posting MY outfits/looks for the day.

Here are a couple of my favorite pics, I guess I should say here are some pictures that I have saved on my iPad. Maybe I can choose one day a week to do a photo dump of all the pictures I like and what motivates me.

Oh, Sunday I will start my cleanse with Kayla, my fabulous cousin. Also, I'm going to the inauguration in a couple of weeks so you will see Kayla's look for the day. (She totally has style.)

One last thing, why did I find a great site yesterday, I love the site because I am going to use it as my shopping list. It will also keep me in budget and not have to think about what I need.

Well here are the pictures. They are FYI in case you didn't know.

Have a great, awesome day.

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